Photographing Soap for Less than $30

So You’re Into Soapmaking?

You found your passion in being a maker and learning all you can about cold process soaps.  Your friends and family all love what you create and you think you have what it takes to sell it.  You want to be an entrepreneur with your heart and soul, and you’re already on your way.  So Congratulations!

A BIG Part of making a profit on soap is your marketing.

You already know this.  Figuring out a way to showcase your soaps so you can get into trade shows, send postcards to boutique shops in your area, find new leads and get people’s attention.  How do you do this?

Great Soap Photos Don’t Have to Break the Bank!

Hiring a photographer is usually something you WANT to do, but you may not have the BUDGET for it.  That’s where we come in.  If you’ve got drive.  If you’ve got a camera and a tripod (even a borrowed one), YOU can shoot your own soap in your house for under $30.

Watch and Learn from the Pros

Watch our video here on Amazon Direct and get our free Complimentary PDF to get a list of all the materials you need and step-by-step instruction that follows the video.  The PDF is absolutely FREE, as we want you to be successful in your business.  Fill out the form below and we will email you the PDF right away.

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We too Have a Passion for What We Do

Great photography that makes our clients look good.  Once you start selling your soap, you can afford to hire a professional to shoot with studio lighting and professional compositions of your products, but for now, with our guide, you can get incredible professional-quality results in a FRACTION of the cost.